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SCRS Global Summit

October 8-22, 2015 New Hope attended the Global Site Solutions Summit to gain knowledge and collaborate with other industry professionals and experts in the field of clinical research.  Where Sites, Sponsors & CROs Partner for Success The Global Site Solutions Summit brings together research site executives and industry leaders for powerful collaboration that positions all for success...

Repairing the brain: Two genes unlock potential for treatment of schizophrenia

Research led by scientists from Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore (Duke-NUS) has linked the abnormal behaviour of two genes (BDNF and DTNBP1) to the underlying cause of schizophrenia. These findings have provided a new target for schizophrenia treatment. Schizophrenia is a devastating mental disorder that affects nearly 1% of the total human population. The dominant […]

Study of Twins Provides Alzheimer’s Blood Protein Clue

A protein has been discovered in the blood of people who go on to develop mild cognitive impairment several years later. Dr. Steven Kiddle of King’s College London, UK, and colleagues explain there currently are no treatments that can reliably prevent mild cognitive impairment, which can progress into Alzheimer’s disease. Prevention studies are hampered because, […]

The Hope for Mental Illness

It has been 10 years since Dr. Tom Insel, director of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) first started attending events held by NAMI. In that time, research on mental illness has continued to grow and new and more effective treatments for mental illness have been developed. But, as Dr. Insel stated in his […]

3 Distinct Subtypes of Alzheimer’s

A new University of California, Los Angeles study finds that Alzheimer’s disease, long thought to be a single disease, really consists of three distinct subtypes. Experts believe the finding could lead to more highly targeted research and, eventually, new treatments for the debilitating neurological disorder, which robs people of their memories. Researchers found that one […]

NHCR Receives Clinical Research Site Award

New Hope Clinical Research was honored with this Site Award for Quality Work by INC Research.            

NHCR Passes FDA Audit

Charlotte, N.C. (September 1, 2014)  New Hope Clinical Research, an independent clinical research site, today announced that the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) concluded its Routine inspection of the New Hope Clinical Trials facility. The inspection took place August 18-26 and reported that New Hope is in full compliance with regulations. The FDA […]